Overview of the major manufacturers of washing machines.

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    How to choose a washing machine?

    Washing machine in the house - it is not just a technique, it is actually a member of the family, which completely takes over responsibility for washing clothes. Those who have it, already struggling to imagine how a few years ago, hunched over, standing over a basin, digested lingerie at the plate and his twisted, applying remarkable strength. But those who have this device yet, dream, and when will they be able to fully enjoy this bliss - wash without effort.

    But that's the kind of thing. According to statistics, the washing machine in the house for most families no, not because straitened family budget, and not for any other reason - for modern automatic washing machine corny no place in a small "Khrushchev".

    Where not only this unit parked hostess, who despite everything still purchased a washing machine - and under the sink, and the kitchen, and even in the hallway. Though actually solve this question is much easier - you just need to pick up skillfully washing machine just under the size of your property, and then place in the house is enough for all. After all models today a great many.

    But how to buy exactly what you need? And what other features to look for when buying? Let's try to solve this.

    Types of washing machines.

    Let's start with the fact that the washing machines are different - and the full "automatic", and semi-automatic, and even those that at first sight and machine washing will not name - ultrasound. If the space in the apartment at all for some "solid" machine in the house absolutely not, or you are in a long trip, you can use and such. Their work is simple - in the water with the laundry and powder falls ultrasonic sensor, and immediately begins the process of "washing" the laundry.

    Untwisted once in fashion advertising, these mini-cars were popular at one time, but, in all honesty, we can confidently say that the benefit from them a bit. So if you have even a little place in the house and even a small wallet of money, pay attention still worth more serious model.

    Automatic and semi-automatic.

    Differ from the semi-automatic washing machines, especially those that are software controlled. Whereas semiautomatic set the timer for that you can install the required washing time.

    Functional features.

    Virtually identical in appearance washing machines even one manufacturer may differ in price several times. This is because the automated machines may be different. In the simplest model, for example, Indesit WISN 100
    - Only a few combinations: programs for cotton, synthetics and delicate items, as well as the presence or absence of spin. And only a few additional programs.

    In more serious models - Electrolux EWS 1052 NOU, Indesit IWSD 71051 and BEKO WMB 50821 UY can add a program for lightly and heavily soiled laundry of the same category, as well as, say, clothes and curtains-curtains. You already can choose the number of revolutions when spinning, as well as take advantage of programs such as anti-crease - the so-called easy ironing - extra rinse or enhanced otstiryvaniya spots.

    The most expensive washing machines, such as Electrolux EWF 1487 HDW, Hotpoint-Ariston ADS 93D 69 B or Panasonic NA-140VG3W already can independently assess the amount of water on the degree of contamination of things determine how much detergent is necessary, as well as themselves choose washing temperature and the method of extraction.

    Download type.

    There are models with front and top loading. The first - the more famous and popular. By the way, if you have absolutely no place in the bathroom, and you want to put the device in the kitchen, remember that washing machines Under worktop, there are only front-loading. Such models are many advantages - a washing machine can be hidden behind a furniture door, use the surface as a nightstand and a window to observe the process of washing.

    What is interesting machines and dryers? Particularly popular models Zanussi ZWP 582 and Whirlpool AWE 2322. They are generally a little longer in the front with machine that allows you to put them where the first will not fit. And another important fact - machines and dryers you can open in the process of washing and, for example, add a thing forgot to put. With front-loading machine, this will not work.

    Working mechanism.

    Automatic washing machine may be a drum or agitator type. Devices agitator type, the once popular (with the disk capacity, mix linen), today, with the advent of machine, of course, largely lost their relevance. But they have their advantages.

    In such machines, thanks to a little foam, you can use a less expensive washing powder, suitable even used for hand washing. Very attractive look model firms Saturn and Liberton. They are mobile and easily - without their problems can be transferred from one apartment to another, bring to the country and to rest. Further, such washing machines are much cheaper than their automatic counterparts.

    But if a place in the apartment and allow income to buy an automatic washing machine, then without a doubt, and it is not necessary to think, what to buy. Particularly successful model firms Zanussi, Electrolux and Indesit. Automatic washing machine drum type largely surpass other: they erase much gentler, "take" much less water and detergents.

    And - which is of course the most important thing - they completely eliminate the hosts to participate in the process of washing. It is only necessary to put the dirty laundry in the drum, and after a certain time to get clean already. Is not this what you dreamed of?


    Washing Machine LG F-1296SD3
    LG F-1296SD3

    Washer Bosch WLK 20161
    Bosch WLK 20161

    Washing machine Samsung WF1702WRK
    Samsung WF1702WRK

    Washing machine Indesit NSD 808 LS
    Indesit NSD 808 LS

    Washing machine Candy EVOGT 12072 D
    Candy EVOGT 12072 D

    Washing machine Electrolux EWW 51486 HW
    Electrolux EWW 51486 HW

    Washing machine Zanussi ZWSG VS 7100
    Zanussi ZWSG VS 7100

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